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Tights Wholesale

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  1. Nylon socks 10 pairs 2016

    No-compression nylon socks. Comfortable with reinforced toe. Price per packet = 10 pairs. Size 35-42. Available in black and beige. 10 pairs in 1 packet.

    Nylon socks 10 pairs

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  2. Fashionable patterned tights 280DEN 88056

    Trendy tights with pattern. Sexy matte tights with gusset, sheer toes and sheer to waist. Elastic in the waist. Thanks to the tights' unique texture, they give a nice finish to a feminine look, (...)

    Fashionable patterned tights 280DEN

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Tights can work miracles in accentuating the beauty of women’s legs. They will work perfectly with an evening dress and an autumn outfit. At fashfactory.com warehouse you will find a wide range of tights coming in various models and patterns.

Women who want to stay warm on cold winter days can choose thick models, resembling leggings. For those who delight in non-standard solutions we offer a range of models with flower-lace decorations or colourful, glossy tights.

Another interesting design is a Scandinavian pattern, which goes particularly well with a plain tunic or dress.

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