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1. Administrator – MULTI BRAND GROUP MONIKA CHOMICZ, ul. Handlowa 1, 15-399 Białystok, Taxpayer ID no. NIP: 542 270 55 82, Business ID no. REGON: 200257419.
2. Cookies – IT data, small text files saved and stored on devices, through which the User uses the Administrator's website.
3. Device – an electronic devices used by the Used to access the Administrator's website.
4. User – an entity, to which services may be provided by electronic means in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and with the provisions of the law, or with which an Agreement may be concluded to provide services by electronic means.


1. The Administrator uses Cookies through the website.
The information collected by Cookies shall be used to optimize the functioning of the website and for statistical and advertising purposes.
2. Cookies register the activity of the website's User and recognize the device. This allows the website to be displayed in appropriate way adjusted to the User’s individual preferences.
3. The solutions used on the website are safe for the devices of the Administrator's website Users.
It is impossible for malware or insecure software to access the Users' devices.
4. The Administrator uses two types of Cookies:
a) Session Cookies: these files are stored in the User's device and are not retained after the browser is closed. The information is then permanently erased from the memory of the Device. Session cookies do not allow any personal data or any confidential information to be collected from the User's device.
b) Permanent Cookies: these files are stored in the User's device and remain there until they are deleted. Ending the browser session or switching the Device off does not delete them from the device. Permanent Cookies do not allow any personal data or any confidential information to be collected from the User's device.


Our shop uses Cookies to adjust the website to your individual needs. You may agree to have the data you entered saved and to access the website without entering them again during your next visit. The owners of other websites will not have access to this data. If you do not agree to have the website personalised for you, we recommend you disable cookies in your browser.

The Online Shop does not automatically collect any data, except for the data contained in cookies during the use of the website. Cookie files are small text files sent by the Online Shop and stored on your computer. They contain some information related to your use of the Website and the Online Shop. Cookies used by the online shop may be temporary or permanent. Temporary cookies are deleted at the moment you close your browser. Permanent cookies are also stored after you finish using the Website. They are used to store information such as your login and password, which facilitates and accelerates the use of the Website. The online shop uses the cookies listed below for the following purposes.

Cookies used by www.fashfactory.com and the purposes they are used for are presented below:

A Group of Cookies used to identify the User – purpose: to accelerate the shopping process on the website and to eliminate the need to repeat the processes related to e.g. purchasing products.

Registering in the Client Database – it is voluntarily. We store these data in the database to facilitate your future purchases in our online shop.

8. Name and surname – while placing your order you will be asked to provide your name and surname to enable us sending the order or contacting you.
9. Address – we need it to send the ordered goods.
10. Phone number – you will receive a text message confirming the dispatch of goods. Sometimes we would call our clients to confirm the order or to propose a good solution in the case of unexpected events such as e.g. lack of goods in stock.
11. E–mail address – we send you an order confirmation and contact you via e–mail. If you subscribed to our newsletter, we will also send you commercial information once or twice
a month.
12. Taxpayer ID no. NIP (in the case of business entities).
13. Company name (in the case of business entities).
14. Address – the information resulting from the general rules of connections in the Internet, such as the IP address (and other information contained in system logs) are used by the server administrator for technical purposes. IP addresses may also be used for statistical purposes – to collect general demographic information (e.g. about the region from which the connection is made).
Providing the above mentioned data is voluntary, but necessary to register on the Website and use it to purchase products.

A group of Cookies used for navigation – the purpose of these cookies is to remind the User the recently selected products or options, e.g. purchase options. They facilitate the use of the online shop by the User.
Cookies which remember the selected filter, e.g. while searching for products.
Cookies which remember the previously selected category.
Cookies which store the information about the products added to cart during the purchasing process, and store the data of the User connected with the said cart.

"Favourite" Cookies – their purpose is to remember the choices of the User to better adjust the website to his or her needs
Cookies which remember the products that the User viewed recently.

A group of Cookies which collect data for the analysis of access to the website.
Google Analytics – allows to track the pages of the shop using Google tools to analyse the process of accessing or using the website by the client, e.g.
How many times did the Client enter the website?
How long did the Client stay on the website?
When was the first visit to the website?
When was the last visit to the website?
Which search engine did the Client use to search for the wholesale store website?
From which website did the Client open the wholesale store website (ads which follow the client)?

A group of Cookies used to analyse the purchasing processes: their purpose is to check the security of payments, adjust the methods of payments to the client's expectations, optimize the purchasing process.
At any time you may disable cookies by choosing appropriate options in your web browser. In case of problems, we recommend you to use the browser's Help menu or to contact your browser's manufacturer.

Apart from cookies, the online shop may also collect data which is normally collected by website administrators in the form of so-called logs or log files. The information contained in the logs may include i.e. your IP address, type of platform and web browser, your Internet provider, and the address of the website from which you arrived at the Website. Some pages of the Website and other means of communicating with you may contain so-called "web beacons". Web beacons enable receiving such information as e.g. the IP address of the computer which loaded the website, in which the web beacon was features, the URL of the website, its loading time, type of web browser, and the information contained in cookies, to assess the efficiency of our advertisements. These data will be archived and used for the purposes of statistical analysis and assessment of the global movement of the Website's users. These data will not be connected with the personal data that you provided.


1. The User has the possibility to limit or disable Cookies in his or her device. If she or he uses this option, using the Website will not be possible, apart from the features which as such do not require Cookies.
2. The User may change settings of Cookies on his or her own and at any time by determining the manner of storing Cookies and accessing the User's device. The User may make the above mentioned changes of settings using the web browser settings menu or the service configuration. These settings may be set in particular to block automatic use of Cookies in the web browser settings or to inform each time about the fact that Cookies are being stored in the device. Detailed information about the possibilities and settings of Cookies are available in the software settings (the web browser settings).
3. The User may delete Cookies at any time using the features provided by his or her web browser.
4. Limiting Cookies may affect some features available on the Administrator's website.

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