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Lingerie Wholesale

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  1. Plain tank top P239

    A trendy tight-fitting sleeveless undershirt or camis, shirt with wide shoulder straps and low neck and no front opening; often worn under a shirt or blouse. Interesting oclours, melange strucutre, (...)

    Plain tank top

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  2. Lace push-up bra with a bow B211 (35666)

    A ladies' push-up bra with profiled cups and lace. Bridge with a bow. Wider sides, made of lace. Padded push-up cups, regulated back wings and detachable straps. Available in different shades.A (...)

    Lace push-up bra with a bow

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  3. Panties briefs dots M277 (31397)

    Classic ladies' briefs with a dotted pattern. Easy seam. Soft and pleasant fabrics for the comfort of wearing.

    Panties briefs dots

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  4. Panties briefs stripes lace M277 (21101)

    Classic ladies' mid-briefs with a stripped pattern. Easy seam with a lace. At the back a cut out and a bow.

    Panties briefs stripes lace

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Women’s underwear

In the women’s underwear category, fashfactory.com has all the indispensible elements of every woman’s wardrobe, such as stockings, socks and tights or pantyhose, both warm and light, as well as elegant for more formal occasions. Among the pyjamas we have on offer, there are sleeping sets which are both elegant and comfortable. To feel comfortable during a day, you may also want to choose slimming cotton bodysuits. For harsh winters and cool autumns we offer lace-up dressing gowns with pockets while for hot summer and spring nights we have in stock light flowered nightgowns.

They include a wide range of sizes, e.g. extra small or plus sizes, not to mention fabrics e.g. jacquard or lace, prints and embellishment e.g. leopard spots or floral motifs etc. We make sure that the items in this category are carefully selected and kept up-to-date so that every woman can find the right model, colour and size for herself, including all new arrivals and customer favourites to keep you on track with the trends, fashion and the seasons.

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